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Sephora Collection| More Than Meets The Eye Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

This limited edition eyeshadow palette contains 32 shadows that include everyday neutrals, smoky, highlighting shades and bright pops of colour, This palette is essential for beginners and makeup artists alike. The center shades are perfect for everyday use while the surrounding shades are great for smoky looks and pops of colour. This palette costs $32Continue reading “Sephora Collection| More Than Meets The Eye Eyeshadow Palette (Review)”

True Blood |Season 1 Episode 9: Plaisir D’amour (Review)

((((((Please be warned there will be spoilers)))))))) The opening scene is quite something. We have Sookie looking like Carrie from the prom, Ginger is vomiting and screaming non-stop, and Bill killed Longshadow because he was going after Sookie. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to do that. It’s quite disgusting how a vampire dies. QuiteContinue reading “True Blood |Season 1 Episode 9: Plaisir D’amour (Review)”

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